Word for the Year

Happy New Year everyone! One of my favorite New Year’s traditions is to choose a word to guide our year. We find this works for us and helps us grow in ways that a set of resolutions do not.

This will be our fourth year doing this. Previous words include: fun, risk (oh man, was that a year to remember!), peace (recovery year after risk), and for the last few weeks we’ve felt lead to the word bold. After nearly surviving risk a few years ago, we kept canceling out bold, pushing joy, calling, or even commitment forward. But none of those words felt right for where we may be headed this year. The words felt like we would be hiding behind them, rather than stepping out and embracing the word God put in our hearts from the start.

Yes, God is calling us to live boldly in 2017.

Merriam-Webster’s defines bold as:

We finally accepted the word New Years day and by the time January 2nd rolled around, we had successfully put it to use.

Yesterday was our youngest, Owen’s, third birthday; a glorious age where birthday parties consists of the immediate family plus a cake and an activity. So for his “birthday party” all five of us crawled in our van and went to the Mall of America (this is our local mall) with plans to visit Build a Bear.

But we hadn’t anticipated that Monday, Jan 2nd, was the observed New Year’s day and the last day of every student’s winter break (and I believe every single one was at the mall that day!). We drove around for 30 minutes trying to find a parking spot, which was pure insanity. Being the type of gal who would rather curl up with a book than rush the floor of a concert, I was the first one to present the option that we abandon ship and go another evening when the mall would be empty.

But Greg reminded me of our word, and we continued our search. Not three minutes later did we find our spot, resulting in a delightful (although busy) Build a Bear experience that made our birthday boy so happy!

Build a Bear, Paw Patrol, Stuffed Animal, Birthday boy, word of the year
Owen kissing his choice from Build a Bear, Chase the paw patrol dog!

Now, if I had followed my preference of not going places where people are packed in like sardines, his birthday would probably have felt pretty lame. With no real birthday party planned, we were really counting on Build a Bear to take the place of a traditional birthday party. But thanks to bold, we didn’t throw the opportunity away.

Obviously, this is a small example of how we let our word guide our choices, and I wouldn’t be honest if I said that the word doesn’t scare me a little. But I know it’s the word we’re supposed to be using.

So how do you usher in the New Year? Are you a resolution fan or a word fan? Or do you have another way to start fresh and new? Maybe you have a theme song? Actually… that’s a pretty awesome idea. We may have to incorporate that next year!

And to our Owen? We are so happy you are three!

Birthday party, Avengers Cake, Family party, keep things simple, simple living
Happy 3rd Birthday Owen!

You have a fantastic sense of humor and you sweep everyone off their feet with your contagious laugh. You love to play with words, specifically the word booty which you somehow work into all of your conversations (which are a lot! I’ve never known any three year old with a vocabulary and conversational ability like you have). You are fun to hang out with and my little buddy! You love to play with action figures and play sets and, dude, you are well known to belt out some serious tunes. We love you and are so excited to see the wonderful things three has in store for you!

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