Whoa, numbers!

Blog Tour Diary, Day 3

Dear Diary,

Late last night, I facebook chatted with my agent, Jamie Bodnar Drowley. (This is one of the reasons she’s an incredible agent, because she takes the time to reach out and facebook chat!) She told me to go check my email, where my publisher, Swoon Romance, had emailed me news that EFFORTLESS WITH YOU had become an Amazon Bestseller in Coming of Age e-book novels.

It made it into the top 100! Never thinking I’d see it there again, my husband and I snagged screen shots. Seriously, overjoyed!

#98..then #96

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 10.34.52 PM

AND THEN, today, I wake up to #91! WAIT.. just received word I’m #88 in Coming of age ebooks, and #99 in all Coming of Age books. My book hopped the Kindle Store. WHOA!!!

88 and 99

Okay, done with numbers now. I’m enjoying this moment. I know the numbers will change. They always do. But it’s amazing to see the novel there! No matter how long it lasts.

Obviously, I’m up super early this morning. Sleeping after that news was difficult, and, more than anything, I don’t want to be completely glued to the computer today in front of the kids. So, I’m trying to snag a “good Mom” moment with waking up early and getting this stuff out there.


Today, in my world, is big time interview day! Here are the blogs and what you can find:

Jessica Salyer’s Blog: An interview where I discuss my inspiration behind EFFORTLESS WITH YOU.

Chasing the Crazies: An interview about my journey as a new writer.

Leigh Covington: An interview where I discuss my current favorite quotes!

Book Crazy: An honest 4 star review. Thank you!

EATS: Umm, black peach tea. Hoping it’ll fuel me through the day. But I should probably have some grub to go with it. Winking smile

Plan of Action: Snuggle up with the daughters, watch My Little Pony, go to the park, and focus on the things and people who are close to my heart! <3



  1. Congratulations on those great numbers! Great to start off with a bang.

    • Lizzy Charles

      Thank you so much Suzi! It was so encouraging!


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