Sweet Days

Blog Tour:  7 & 8 (What happened to 6? I think 5 got it twice, whoops!)

Dear Diary,

I’m so sorry a missed a day of chatting with you! You’ve got to believe me when I say that my hands were filled yesterday. A super secret project has come to my attention that needed serious attention ASAP. I spent the night speaking with my dear friend, a youth director, researching then following it up with plotting. Oops! Did I say plotting? Hmmm… Forget I said that. It’s super secret stuff.

Yesterday,  I had two stops on the blog tour that meant so much to me. The first was from one of my most favorite people in the world, Fiona McLaren. She promoted and reviewed EFFORTLESS WITH YOU. Now, before you say “but if you know her…” (it’s okay, you can still say it) let me explain that Fiona has some of the strongest integrity I know. Despite knowing an author, she’s going to give an honest review. No matter what. So when I read her touching review over on The YA Bookcase, I was overwhelmed. She loved it!

“Lizzy Charles creates characters so honest, real and touching that you can’t help but be swept up into the lives they lead.  And no, they are not all light, pink and fluffy.  In fact, they are filled with angst, misunderstanding and misdirected anger.  The main character Lucy isn’t just some loved up teen.  In fact, she a three-dimensional young woman who has issues of her own and is navigating them the best way she knows how.  I really connected with her character, as she’s just doing what we all do…fighting to understand life and what it really means.” ~ The YA Bookcase

Next, my amazing agent, Jamie Bodnar Downley, made me get all teary eyed with her promotional tour stop on her blog. Honestly. She’s the sweetest, most amazing woman in the whole entire world. She’s so intelligent and ballsy balanced with great politeness and professionalism. I love her so much!!!!

And today? WELL… I’m having so much fun on the tour today!

We have the sweetest review from Kelley Lynn, author of FRACTION OF STONE, on her blog Adventures Between the Bookends.

“I think this book is fantastic. I started and finished it in one day. I had to. Lucy is such a well developed character and the secondary characters surrounding her were fabulous as well.”

Next, Stephanie Wardrop, author of the young adult Snark novella series from Swoon Romance (my publisher), features an excerpt of EFFORTLESS WITH YOU and summarizes the amazing book blogging reviews on her blog. Thank you Stephanie!

Lastly, Love Words and Books featured EFFORTLESS WITH YOU and called it a MUST READ! Yay!!!

As far as the eating front goes, because this matters to me diary, and you know that, allow me to summarize this week with one word: Brownies. Lots of them!

Go make some. You know you want to!

Activities? My goal is to thank every person who has connected with my novel. Still some to go, but I’m out there looking for your posts, reviews, etc and hoping to get you each an individualized thank you response. It means the world to me that you’ve taken the time to read it. Honestly!


Oh. Other activities include swimming, the zoo, the library, and Target, where I rewarded myself with new underwear. Yeah, a little TMI, but I’m only growing larger thanks to the brownies and this pregnancy!

Speaking of pregnancy, I find out tomorrow if we will be having our third girl or our first boy! I’ve got all those kid before Christmas feelings going on. No matter what is between those legs, I’m thrilled and in love!


Alright Diary, there’s still much to do!

Thank you so much for being with me through this journey. It’s nice to have someone’s hand to hold onto. More book blogging reviews set to arrive tomorrow. *deep breath* I’ll get through it!

Love you!


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