So good.

Air is so sweet. So good. As is a space to rest with a comfortable quilt, gazing out a trees with branches billowing with leaves.

It’s so good to finally be at home, at ease.

The technological world whispered goodbye to my old blog during a time of life where I barely could tread water, but in reflection it’s so good to know what I went through. And even greater to move on.

Sailboats racing a storm on Lake Superior in Duluth, MN
Sailboats racing a storm on Lake Superior in Duluth, MN

Behind the scenes, books have been born.

Houses bought.

A well lived in home. 🙂


Children grow.


But there’s a whisper, almost a gentle nudge in my gut, telling me there is more. Write! It says and I look around. “Aren’t I writing all the time?”


No, you have more to say to the world than what you fold into your books.

So here I am. Thirty one years old (Love being in my thirties by the way. Seriously the best decade ever!) and on a quest to embrace a joyful mindset and create a healthy body and home. Three months of clean eating and exercise has strengthen more than my biceps. I’ve found myself again and something within me demands to step out and be bold.

To toss my words out into the universe and see where this little blog can take me with a cup of tea in hand and something worth sharing.


Just to have the opportunity to write words to share to whoever may stubble upon them is something I’m thankful for.

So cheers. For life is so good.

Here we go!


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