Reviews and Minions!

Blog Tour Dairy, Day 5.

Dear Diary,

I’m afraid you are no longer my bff. … I’m so sorry! But new people have usurped your place. Who, you ask? All of my amazing reviewers!

I’m seriously shocked and overjoyed with the amount of people who are taking the time to review my novel on Amazon/B&N/Goodreads. All of their words mean so much to me, as well as the time you spent reviewing. There’s no greater way to help an author out than reviewing their novel and sharing that you love it with your friends and family. I just want to shout to them all “I LOVE YOU! THANK YOU! FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!”


What’s that Diary? You think you can push them over?

Fat chance. You see, they’ve also got the support of these incredible book bloggers. Diary, you know how nervous I was about today. Three huge reviews in one day and one promo. Scary!

Well, the reviews came in and I’m astounded! I rotate between jumping for joy, wiping the tears out of my eyes, and just falling to my knees and thanking God. Honestly.

Today over at Kassie’s Book Thoughts we have: 4.5 Star Review!

“Effortless with You by Lizzy Charles was just a really enjoyable read right from the beginning and all the way to the end. There is love, friendship, romance, betrayal, summer, and trying to find who you truly are to live the life you always wanted to live. I recommend everyone to add and buy Effortless With You by Lizzy Charles. I know I have an arc, but I am still going to buy it. Why? Because this is a book that I can see myself re-reading before the summer is over :D! Thank you Lizzy Charles for delivering an enjoyable summer read, with lovable characters.” ~Kassie

happy minions

At Always YA at Heart: A rave review! *She doesn’t rate, which I kind of love!

“It was almost like watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly.  Overall, this is a wonderful YA contemporary romance, and if you enjoy that type of story, then Effortless with You is something I most definitely recommend checking out.” ~ Ellen

minion celebration

And, finally, The YA Bookworm: 5/5 Review! AND THIS:

“Overall, I think Effortless With You may be my favourite YA Contemporary novel that I’ve read this summer. Effortless With You is a flirty yet deep romance filled with great comedy, tough struggles and an ending that is sure to warm your heart! I definitely will be recommending this one to all you Contemporary Lovers out there!”

thrilled minions

Then we end the tour day with a stop over at Book Nerds Anonomous with a book blitz! Thank you!

So, dairy, if you don’t mind, I’m going to take a moment to reach out and thank everyone (Readers and Book Bloggers) for their honest reviews and the time they took doing it. It means the world to me. Honestly. The time you put into reading my novel and reviewing it blows me away!

I just want to kiss you all!!

Love and kisses

Okay, okay, Diary, I’m back to you now. What did I eat today? Hmmm. Earl Grey tea and an egg. But I get to go to a wedding sans children tonight, so I’m planning to eat a full dinner there! Who knew that I’d lose a bit of weight, all thanks to this book release and blog tour!

Alright, I’m out! Time to round up my little minions and play outside!

Oh, Dairy, don’t fret. You know you’ll always be in my heart!





    • Lizzy Charles

      Thanks, Kelley! You are so supportive! Love you!


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