Release Day

The Blog Tour Diary, Day 2

Dear Diary,

Whoa, diary. Today has been amazing! Like nothing I ever expected! Who knew that releasing a debut novel is WAY better than the last ten birthdays combined (That includes my 18th, which was the day I graduated highschool and my 21st, which is the day, well, you become an idiot). Somehow, I actually got sleep last night! I don’t know how, but it happened. It’s like my body knew I’d need tons of energy to get through the day.

I got to start the day in tears. But GOOD tears! I took a deep breath, opened up my browser, and went directly to my first blog stop of the day. A review from Sub Club Books. Now, this wasn’t just a random review to me. No, it meant so much more. This is a real book blogger whom I’ve never met before… and her opinion was kicking off my blog tour. So, yeah, it meant everything to me.

So, the tears? Where did they come from? From amazing statements like this:

“In true honesty I’m a sucker for a good Young Adult book, and Effortless with you by Lizzy Charles is a GREAT effortlessly well written YA book!

Do you remember being sixteen? I didn’t until I read this story. I was taken back to all those emotions and feeling I had when I was Lucy’s age. I couldn’t help compare what she was feeling, struggling with what I had at that same age.”


“The writing is spectacular, Lizzy Charles does an exceptional job, pulling the reader in and making them feel what Lucy is feeling. She knows how to make a sixteen year old girl believable. Reminding you of your teenage years. I cannot praise or recommend this book enough.

Effortless with you is an adorable book, with a theme of hardship, trying to fit in, disappointment, friendship, loyalty, forgiveness, family, being true to oneself, new beginnings and first love.”

How could I not cry for joy after reading that? Wow~! Then, they gave it the big:


Internet wise, the day was crazy. Thank you everyone for all the facebook/twitter congratulations! Every one of them brought a smile to my face.

I also got great praise from readers, who haven’t yet finished, but seem addicted to the book!

“This book is KING AWESOME!”

“ADDICTED TO YOUR BOOK!!! It’s so good!!!!”

“I’m on chapter 8 and I can’t stop reading!”

Every comment left me smiling like a fool. Best gifts ever!!! Oh, and I’m getting pet photos with my book, so that rocks~!



I had great promos by sweet Texas author Jodi Linton and author Linda Budzinski! Thank you so much! Stop in on their blogs to enter the daily giveaway.

The Celebration

photo (45)

Hubby and I managed to snag a babysitter for the day! I gorged myself on unlimited sushi, got my wedding ring cleaned, then took an impromtu mini-tour of the James. J. Hill house (featured in EFFORTLESS WITH YOU).

photo (47)

photo (48)

photo (46)

When I returned, I caught a glimpse of my Amazon ranking for the day. And, guys, I’m beaming! It’s been such a journey to get here and I’m so thankful of where I landed on day one. I’m over the moon right now!

Eats: Hubby made brownies late last night to curb my anxiety (it worked) so I ate them for breakfast too. Followed by unlimited sushi for lunch. Dinner? Gosh! I forgot to eat. I think I grabbed a spoonful of corn off my daughter’s dinner plate. I’ll tackle that later! Winking smile

I think that about covers it, Diary!




  1. Fiona McLaren

    Lizzy I am so insanely thrilled for you. You have no idea how much you deserve this! Go YOU!!!! Remember, free holiday accomodation on the sunshine island for published writers kicking ass…wait…THAT WOULD BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 xoxo


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