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Here for the EFFORTLESS WITH YOU Blog Tour giveaway? Stop in along the blog stops listed to enter for a free copy of EFFORTLESS WITH YOU and amazon gift cards. More than one winner!

The Blog Tour Diary. Day 1

Dear Diary, 

I’m kicking off the blog tour today with two great promos over at Love Between the Sheets (this blog is incredible for finding new romance reads, young adult, new adult, or adult (general progression of aging, I guess) and author Jessika Fleck’s blog (one of the sweetest women around!)! If you are interested in participating in the Blog Tour Giveaway, please make sure to stop in at their blogs to enter. Prizes include amazon gift cards and free copies of my novel!

Eats: Dairy free waffles, Chipotle Barbacoa Tacos, and Cashew Chicken (If I can figure out how to make it)

Freak outs: One and counting. Let’s just say, the hubby has been very patient with me today. I freaked out about the mail. The mail! … No, I wasn’t expecting anything. I just… I don’t even know. Obviously, I’m stressed! (Don’t worry, I appoligized!)

sleep 2

Promotional Projects: Now, any sort of paper/glue project, I generally steer clear of. Crafts is more of a torturous activity for me (though I admire all who enjoy it). So, I’m pretty proud of myself for acquiring all the materials needed to make a cute flyer about EFFORTLESS WITH YOU for my coworkers in the Birthplace. Can we just pause for a moment and reflect on the cost of scrapbooking paper (had to google the term)? Like, whoa! Expensive. Thankfully, I found six pages for 99cents. Score! So now that I’ve got the stuff, I just need the desire to cut, glue, and organize it in a cute way. That part, I’ll tackle tonight!

photo (43)

Sleeps: I actually slept last night! I’m surprised, as I haven’t been sleeping well for about a week with tomorrow’s release on the horizon. Hubby even let me sleep in while he took care of the minions. Not too shabby!

Thanks for being my bestie dairy! 

<3 Lizzy Charles! 

(p.s. I know food doesn’t technically have anything to do with the promotion of this novel. But it has everything to do with how I will function through this tour. Tune in tomorrow for photos of my release day celebratory sushi!)




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