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Blog Tour Diary, Day 5

Dear Diary,

Today the tour made a fun stop with a special guest, JUSTIN! Cassie Mae somehow convinced him to hang out and chat about basketball, girls, and his painting business. AND, she snapped a photo! *drools* Justin’s interview can be checked out over here, on Cassie Mae’s blog!

Then Rachel Schieffelbein, another MN author, chatted me up about my favorite places in MN and what places I chose to throw into the novel. I also gave my best advice on how to hide a hickey. If you are looking for a great restaurant as well as a historical site to tour OR if you need to hide a hickey, check out Writing on the Wall!

In other news? Well, I MAY have some exciting news for Effortless that I can’t quite share yet. But until then, I am beyond thrilled that Effortless With You is back on the Amazon Best Seller list in Coming of Age novels… and not just scraping by. It’s settled nicely in the middle of two top one hundred lists. What an awesome surprise to wake up to! I know things always change, but I celebrate every win I get. I think that’s the only way to navigate this journey! The time will be fleeting, so I really am thrilled to be there again.

Alright! It’s been a long day and I have tons of work to do. This author stuff, it’s work, let me tell you. I definitely forsee a post on an author’s role in marketing their own work in the future. You’ve got to approach it as a job, but make sure to have fun with it. The posts mentioned above were super fun to write! Coming soon this week, EFFORTLESS WITH YOU in play list form from both Justin and Lucy’s perspective! That one is really fun!!

Okay Diary,

Kisses, hugs, and hip bumps!



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