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Eep! I’m so excited, it’s finally FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI Blog Tour day! A month ago, I was asked to read Cassie Mae’s novel, FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI, for review as part of her official blog tour. Her novel is the first released by Flirt, the new adult imprint of Random House. New Adult is an official new literary category, written with characters that appeal to readers age eighteen to twenty something, dealing with the issues that help make a teenage transition into an adult.

I’ve downloaded some self published new adult novels, thinking “hey! cool new genre!” and was shocked when reading them. It was basically young adult erotica.

No, No, No! Where are the issues that the nineteen year old couple face? Where is the essence of the relationship? Why the heck does EVERYTHING have to become super, serious the moment people get interested in one another!?

FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI is the opposite of all of that. Random House knew what they were doing when they chose to have FRIDAY NIGHT ALIBI represent their face of New Adult work.

The writing is hilarious, the character development is honest and real, and the romantic relationship is about beginnings, making you want more. As may come to a shock to the New Adult Readership community, there is no sex. But that doesn’t mean the novel isn’t steamy, trust me. It just happens to be totally appropriate for a fifteen year old girl to pick up, focusing on what it REALLY feels like to fall in love. By the way, I absolutely recommend this novel for ages fifteen plus! Because, let’s be honest, at fifteen you are thinking about that summer after your senior year. This is about that transition!

Cassie Mae is a lovely author, who was willing to let me interrogate her about writing the novel, so I can give you all a behind the scenes look!

Hi Cassie! Thank you so much for subjecting yourself to this interrogation.

HI!!! 😀

Shall we begin?

1. Kelli certainly knows her way around the Xbox! Are you a gamer?

Heck yes! Though, I’ve never played Xbox Live. I had to do some research for that one. 🙂

2. Chase is a hottie! Is he inspired by the guy Kelli compares him to, Jason Gordon Levitt? Or someone else?

Looks like JGL, acts like someone else I know 😉 He’s a mix, lol.

3. Kelli and Chase play some amazing pranks on one another. Have any of these happened to you in real life? How did you come up with them?

The mooning did happen. I was at a Shopko though and yeah, the guy’s butt was really hairy!

The rest all came from my brain as I was writing, trying to think of ways Kelli and Chase could back and forth. Though, I can picture my husband and I doing these to each other.

4. How does a guy climb up a balcony with two bags of groceries?

He’s talented 😉 And doesn’t mind if he falls a few times.

5. I love that Chase is a musician. It made him feel so real. Was this core to his character in the beginning?

No. I added that in after the first round. He was originally a much more sporty guy, but I just can’t help but add a few musical talents to my boys. 🙂

6. Throughout the novel, Kelli and her best friend dish out about first kisses in terms of ice cream flavors. What flavor was your first kiss ever? And your first kiss with your husband?

Starlight Mint. On both accounts since my first kiss was with my husband 😉

7. What inspired the concept behind the Friday Night Alibi?

I wanted a heroine who thought she knew who she was. Who was strong and independent and very clever. When I had Kelli in mind, I knew she’d do something in her life that she thinks is brilliant, but it’s very sketchy to everyone else. So the idea popped in my head about kids sneaking around, and her jumping in to help for money. All my ideas usually start with my characters.

8. Have you ever purchased a $250 mani/pedi like Kelli does in the novel?

Heavens no. Well, for one, I can’t do pedicures. I’m WAY too ticklish. And for two, $250 is more than my car payment. I have this theory that nothing is worth more than my car so if I have to pay more for it, then it’s not worth it, lol. That’s how I keep my budget in check 😉

9. Tell me about citrus. What was it about this scent/flavor that called to you to be so focal in all the yummy scenes in this novel?

I was pregnant and craved oranges like a boss.

10. If you could choose your favorite kiss from the book, what one would it be? (Butts in, mine is their first kiss after their intense round of Go Fish!)

There’s like, fifty to choose from, lol!

Hmmm… The kiss when Chase “takes a break” from Kelli’s mouth. Gotta save her from the scruff burn 😉

Thanks so much for stopping in on my blog on your official blog tour!

Thank you!!!!!!

So, what next? GO BUY HER BOOK!!!! (<—Link to a list everywhere it’s sold).

AND Enter to win a $50 gift card!!!! (P.S. If you comment on my blog, I get a chance to enter a separate drawing as a blog within the tour. So please comment! I have a lot of books I’d like to buy! Winking smile )

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  1. Rachel Schieffelbein

    Great interview, ladies. 🙂 I love this book! And I agree, it’s plenty sexy but I’m glad to read some NA without graphic sex!


  2. Nice interview you two and NA can be about more than just sex. Cassie’s a fun girl and it’s only right that she writes a book that’s a lot of fun to read as well.

  3. Katrina

    Aww, great interview! Good job, Lizzy!

    Can’t wait to read it, Cassie!

  4. Spike Cordiner

    Great interview, ladies! I love it when you can tell an author really enjoyed writing their book 🙂


  5. Firstly Lizzy, I participated in your cover reveal a few weeks ago. It’s great finally visit your site. Congrats!!!

    Cassie, I love that you are a gamer! To be honest, I’m not, but all my kids are. There are a few games I just love watching them play, like Assassin’s Creed. I swear I learn something new about history each time I watch them play!


  6. Hey, my first kiss was my hubs too! (But that was in the eighth grade, so I won’t mention how many kisses were in between;)

    And he is the last!!


  7. Hi Lizzy. Thx for stopping by and for the wonderful TY! Honestly, sharing your cover was my pleasure. I’m good friends with your publisher. When she emailed me and asked me to help out, I just couldn’t resist. 🙂 Best of luck to you!!! (If you’d like, we could spotlight you on Writer’s Alley at some point. If you’re interested, feel free to check out my documents in my sidebar under Graffiti Promotions. There’s author or character interviews as well as simple book promos.)

    • Lizzy Charles

      Oh! Thanks for the invite. I’d love to! I’ll check it out soon! 🙂


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