Another year, another battle, Pitch Wars!

pitchwars logoI’m thrilled to be joining Pitch Wars as a mentor once again! I always look forward to this time of year, a time to pause my own writing and ghost writing to snag an opportunity to dig in to someone else’s manuscript.

If you’re on my page and considering me as a mentor, allow me to acknowledge that–yes–my blog is not up to date. In fact, my last post was my Pitch Wars plug from last year! I used to spend more time blogging but now that time is put toward hitting word count on my YA books and some ghost writing in women’s fiction. So just because my blog may seem pretty flat, it doesn’t mean I’m not fab!

This year, I’m mentoring young adult fiction. I’ll take any genre, just make sure it has a hint of romance. What can I say? I love the love! I write contemporary fiction and category romance, but I often find my head buried in books filled with witches. So, really, as long as the book hooks and there may be a blush or a hot kiss, then I’m open to it!


My background is a bit obtuse for this literary world. I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and I’m certain that of all the kids in my high school advance lit class, my teacher would have never guessed that I’d go on to become the published author. In 2013 my first book, Effortless With You,  was picked up by a small press and did quite well. Sales numbers seem silly to spout, but the fact I got to push out a sequel makes me pretty proud! The second book of the series, Perfectly Messy, released May, 2014. I self published Bring the Rain in 2015 as my own side project. It was an invaluable experience and I’m so happy I took the opportunity to go hybrid. I’ve never been a girl who fits in a clique so straddling small press, self press, and medium press seems more my schtick (yes, I’m aware that rhymes but I’m having a glass of Malbec right now so it seems pretty awesome.) Recently, I’ve recently a contract with Entangled Crush to work on a fun boarding school series! I can’t wait to show this to everyone!

My critiquing strength lands in helping the writer reach the reading through emotional character development. I know how to pull out the right threads to weave your characters right into your readers hearts. And an agents.

So submit to me! On top of books we can talk about chocolate, exercise (got to get my daily work out in), and sushi (wish I could fit in a daily sushi run too!).


I can’t wait to read what you’ve got!