A Week Without Caffeine

A week without caffeine is like…

~dried up brownie batter in a bowl that can not be licked

~clouds that never stop raining

~never feeling clean

~stepping in pee puddles in clean socks

~Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1 … The Wolf scene.

~having your eyes constant on blurr mode

~not eating dinner for three nights in a row, simply because I forgot.

~having less than the patience of a toddler who wants to play outside when it’s too snowy and too cold

~having less than the patience of a baby who’s getting her first molar

Yea, those last two posed a problem. As I was coping with said toddler and said baby, yet I had less patience than them.

How did this happen? Why would I be so cruel to my family to trial a week of no caffeine at the bitter end cold of winter (or bitter beginning cold of Spring, as it’s now spring) with a teething toddler who’s causing extreme sleep deprivation?

Those are great questions.

Dare I admit, that it was a mistake.

I was so unobservant that I had no idea I was drinking decaffeinated black tea every day. It never occurred for me to read the label of my favorite tea. Why don’t they mark the decaf boxes with huge red warning signs? The wrong box ended up in my shelf, and my whole week fell apart.

I’m sorry daughters, for not being the best I could be (with the lovely aid of caffeine).

Husband, thank you for cleaning the kitchen every night when you returned from work because I simply could not move or even be spoken to.

I did not know. I swear. Look at how small it says decaf there!


But, this morning, after my husband discovered the cause of my plight, I drank two huge cups of black English Breakfast tea.


And I experienced LIFE!

Alphabet Scavenger hunt? NO PROBLEM! Reading for an hour with the girls? NO PROBLEM! Making a balanced lunch? Baby baths? Having dinner planned? NO PROBLEM! Cleaning my bedroom? NO PROBLEM! Doing Laundry? Scheduling my friends book release blog? NO PROBLEM! Replying to my author blog? NO PROBLEM!

I’m alive folks! AND IT FEELS GREAT!!!!!!

AND, I’ll admit it, this arrival doesn’t just come from caffeine. Last night, I finished draft two of my current manuscript–A young adult romance novel about a new york city girl and a cowboy. It’s been so much fun to write! Finishing this past draft, gave me an opportunity to breathe. The adrenaline knowing I’m one step closer to being done is so freeing. It’s a great buzz that I poured into cleaning my bedroom and my closet.

I CAN NOT keep everything up when I’m up to my neck in my manuscript. The moment my daughters go to bed, I hit the keyboard and I edit like crazy. Shamefully, on more than one occasion while grocery shopping at Target, I’ve picked up a cheap pack of underwear because I’d neglected my own laundry for writing time.

I’m daring to seek a more balanced life. As it stands, when my daughters are awake, I plug my phone into the wall and do all I can to pour love into them so I don’t have to feel guilty about writing later on. My house, my own laundry (the girls wear clean clothes as does my husband because he does his own laundry, great man), and the cleanliness of my car all take a back seat. Add “Aspiring Author” to this meme as well. 🙂


BUT It’s Spring now, right? So, my manuscript just went through spring cleaning. It’s time for my house! And hopefully, when all is said and done, I’ll take an amazing bath and feel sparkly and clean too.

Be honest with me. What falls apart when you write?

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