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IT HAD TO BE YOU author Lizzy Charles, Entangled CRUSHAuthor Lizzy Charles

Lizzy Charles writes young adult contemporary romance and would rather read than eat, but if she’s not reading then you can bet she’s eating. She’s a tea fanatic, guacamole expert, and sushi lover (though not necessarily combined). When she’s fixing lunches, dressing kids, changing diapers, or wiping pizza sauce off sticky hands, she escapes to La La Land and imagines all sorts of little love stories that she likes to tuck into novels once she’s put all three kids to bed.  Lizzy loves her daily dose of fitness and is also a Registered Nurse so she can triage any symptom you send her way. Her best friend is her husband, and it’s no wonder she loves writing YA romance since the two fell in love in high school. She’s also enjoys blogging at where she talks about life, faith, food, health, parenting, and more. Oh and she has a little pup named Professor Lupin who is pretty much the glue to the whole writing operation.

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