Another year, another battle, Pitch Wars!

pitchwars logoI’m thrilled to be joining Pitch Wars as a mentor once again! I always look forward to this time of year, a time to pause my own writing and ghost writing to snag an opportunity to dig in to someone else’s manuscript.

If you’re on my page and considering me as a mentor, allow me to acknowledge that–yes–my blog is not up to date. In fact, my last post was my Pitch Wars plug from last year! I used to spend more time blogging but now that time is put toward hitting word count on my YA books and some ghost writing in women’s fiction. So just because my blog may seem pretty flat, it doesn’t mean I’m not fab!

This year, I’m mentoring young adult fiction. I’ll take any genre, just make sure it has a hint of romance. What can I say? I love the love! I write contemporary fiction and category romance, but I often find my head buried in books filled with witches. So, really, as long as the book hooks and there may be a blush or a hot kiss, then I’m open to it!


My background is a bit obtuse for this literary world. I have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and I’m certain that of all the kids in my high school advance lit class, my teacher would have never guessed that I’d go on to become the published author. In 2013 my first book, Effortless With You,  was picked up by a small press and did quite well. Sales numbers seem silly to spout, but the fact I got to push out a sequel makes me pretty proud! The second book of the series, Perfectly Messy, released May, 2014. I self published Bring the Rain in 2015 as my own side project. It was an invaluable experience and I’m so happy I took the opportunity to go hybrid. I’ve never been a girl who fits in a clique so straddling small press, self press, and medium press seems more my schtick (yes, I’m aware that rhymes but I’m having a glass of Malbec right now so it seems pretty awesome.) Recently, I’ve recently a contract with Entangled Crush to work on a fun boarding school series! I can’t wait to show this to everyone!

My critiquing strength lands in helping the writer reach the reading through emotional character development. I know how to pull out the right threads to weave your characters right into your readers hearts. And an agents.

So submit to me! On top of books we can talk about chocolate, exercise (got to get my daily work out in), and sushi (wish I could fit in a daily sushi run too!).


I can’t wait to read what you’ve got!


Pitch Wars is ON!

It’s Pitch Wars time again, and this year I’m thrilled to be a mentor, accepting submissions in the YA category.



Are you having trouble connecting your audience to your character? Is  your character’s history essential to your plot but it’s tough to present in a way that doesn’t seem like a lecture? Is your story not captivating your reader the way it should?


Then I’m the mentor for you!

Character development is where I like to dig in while critiquing. I’m a firm believer that a bit of backstory is important and, when well placed, can do wonders for a novel. Is the middle of your book struggling with hooking your beta readers? I totally feel you! With my first novel, Effortless With You, I went through TWENTY ONE drafts to get it balanced right. …That’s right, TWENTY ONE. So trust me, I’ve learned the art of pacing.


What I’m Looking For:


I love emotional books. I love books after the heart and development of a character.  Think inner beauty, redemption, and coming of age. If you really want to hook me, toss in a thread of romance!

What can I say? I love the love! I’m accepting manuscripts from all YA categories. I write contemporary young adult romance. My work has made it into the top two hot new releases on Amazon and have established international amazon category bestseller ranks. Check out Effortless With You, Perfectly Messy, and Bring the Rain to see how I roll. My favorite books are Eleanor and Park, The Harry Potter Series, The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, The Fault of our Stars, The Giver, Indian Captive,  Anne of Green Gables, and, of course, Pride and Prejudice.

Mr Darcy gif


Do I have further credentials? Well sure… Behind this fierce (okay, very friendly) author, you’ll find a degree in nursing from the University of Minnesota. I’m a science geek so if you happen to have chest pain or questions about your premature baby, I’m your go-to gal.


I’m also a proud mother to three under five years old, and I love to laugh (hint, hint).



Earl grey tea and green tea are my go-to beverages. Dark chocolate is my fourth child, and I could eat sushi everyday until I die.


Am I the mentor for you? I certainly hope so! I can’t wait to open my inbox and dive into your work!

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It’s here- on sale & giveaways!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00071]


“A beautiful story of discovering who you are, who to fight for, and where you belong. BRING THE RAIN is about rebirth and romance…and stars a sexy cowboy who turned my heart into sticky goo. Lizzy Charles has become one of my favorite authors, and this is a must-read for any fan of sweet romance. A new favorite!”

~ New York Times bestselling author Rachel Harris


Wow! I can’t believe the day has finally arrived–Bring the Rain is finally LIVE! It’s available for ebook AND print. The journey was long but it’s so worth it. I hope you’ll love Autumn and Colt as much as I do! They are a big part of me, so enjoy the little piece of my soul. :)

I’ve set the price at 99 cents for release day because I love my readers and I want to make sure this is nice and affordable for you to snag! It’s only 99 cents today, so grab it while you can!!!

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


Also available on iBooks & Kobo


I’m over on Facebook today celebrating big with giveaways of some other amazing author books, signed copies of Bring the Rain, Effortless With You, and Perfectly Mess, AND an H&M gift card! If you want to come check it out, like my page and check out the top pinned post for the main giveaway! LIZZY CHARLES FACEBOOK.  COME PLAY!!! :)

Introducing Bring the Rain

Hey world!

I’m excited to announce I have a new book coming out on Feb 17th, 2015!

Bring The Rain title isolated colour

Bring the Rain is a contemporary YA romance novel! It’s got a lot of heart, and a lot of attitude!

Here’s the blurb:

One summer to make the choice of a lifetime…

Everything is waiting in Paris for Autumn—her new home, her mom, the Louvre, and a life where she can experience art, and not just look at it. But to get there, she’ll have to survive the summer in the least colorful place she can imagine — her father’s Oklahoma cattle ranch.

Autumn finds the perfect summer distraction in Colt, the one cowboy hotter than the July sun. But Colt is her father’s ranch hand, and he won’t go for the Manhattan-style fling that she’s used to. The closer they become, the more she questions which side of the ocean she belongs.

Then her father reveals an unforgivable secret, and Autumn’s illusions shatter. Will the secret destroy everything? Or could Oklahoma hold the greatest masterpiece of all—a love that could mend her heart?

I absolutely adore the cover that Berto Designs created! I hope you like it too!

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000446_00071]

Bring the Rain is available on Amazon for Pre-order and don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads TBR pile!

Also– I love giving away free stuff so don’t forget to enter to win a $20 gift card and advance reader copies here! Yeehaw! Let’s get this show on the road! :)

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One Week!

Eee! Guys! ONE WEEK until the release of Perfectly Messy! I’m feeling generous and doing a $10 amazon gift card giveaway over on my FB Page! If you want to enter, I’d love help spreading the news that EFFORTLESS WITH YOU is on sale for 99 cents! Thanks!!!

Nurses Week Giveaway

Oh my goodness! In three weeks, Perfectly Messy will be out in the world. I can’t believe it. It’s not out yet, so technically there is no reason to celebrate … But, wait, what’s that?

It’s nurses week?

And I’m a nurse!


That’s a reason to celebrate! I love my fellow nurses so much. My coworkers are amazing and bring me such joy in watching them serve their patients. Here’s a previous post I did on nurses week over on my life blog about Nursing. I’d love if you checked it out. It’s such an amazing career.

SO, because I love nurses, I thought I’d do a good old fashioned Effortless With You autographed print copy giveaway (US Residents only). How about that? You don’t have to be a nurse to enter, just makes sure to pass on your appreciation to nurses all around you. :)

Here’s the giveaway link! I can’t wait to send a copy out (with extra awesome bookmarks too). *Pumps fist into the air* Let’s go!


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Road to Somewhere Blog tour


I’m thrilled to be participating in the Road to Somewhere blog tour. When I signed up for doing this tour,  I didn’t exactly know what I was getting myself into. I knew that Road to Somewhere was about singing and one of the characters had a nemesis— a rooster. It wasn’t much to go on but I also hate roosters so I thought I’d give it a shot.

And, oh my gosh, I’ve never loved my hate for roosters more. This book gave me all the feels! Here’s the blurb:


New! From Bloomsbury Spark, a sunny heartwarming story of discovery and sisterhood. 
A road trip. A singing competition. And super-hot cowboys. 
What could be better? 
For Charlie, a post-high school road trip isn’t just a vacation, it’s life changing. While her parents think she’s helping a friend move, a chance at fame is the real reason to grab her best friends and drive to L.A. But when her super annoying, uber-responsible, younger sister, Lucy, has to tag along, it isn’t quite the summer of fun she imagined. 
Add in a detour to her grandparents’ ranch in Texas, and between mucking the stalls, down-home cookin’, and drool worthy ranch hands, this could just turn into the best, and most complicated, summer of their lives.
I LOVED THIS BOOK! This young adult novel brought me back to being fifteen and dreaming on my parents front porch. Everything I wanted in an adventure can be found in Road to Somewhere. Road Trip-Check. Horses-Check. Striving to achieve a dream-Check. Hot Cowboys-Check.

But what makes this book really special is the dynamic relationship between Charlie and Lucy. Kelley Lynn and Jenny Morris did a beautiful job capturing the beauty and challenges in sisterhood. Having an older sister myself, I couldn’t help but laugh and cry while reading this novel. It was beautifully written.

I couldn’t put this novel down. I inhaled it in three hours, not paying attention to anyone around me. The only time I paused was to eat a sandwich that was shoved under my nose (thanks husband). I even changed my baby’s diaper while keeping the Kindle next to him so I could keep pace in the story.

It was that good!

Road to Somewhere is a brilliant, heart-warming story. Every one should go buy it for themselves and for every teenage girl they know!

Here are the purchase links: Amazon and B&N


kelleylynnKelley Lynn was born and raised a Midwestern girl. She’s not afraid to sweat and fills her free time with softball, soccer and volleyball. (Though you probably don’t want her on your volleyball team.) She occasionally makes guest appearances as a female vocalist for area bands. Music plays a large role in her writing process as well as the characters and plot lines within her stories.
jennysmorrisJenny S. Morris is a YA author who loves all things geek, may have a Kdrama addiction, and prefers the rainy NW to any place she’s ever lived. Road to Somewhere is her debut novel.
If you would like to participate in the Road to Somewhere giveaway, it’s full of awesome swag. Check it out! Make sure you enter below. :)

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Over the Ocean Cover Reveal


I’m thrilled to participate in the Over the Ocean cover reveal. Guys, when I saw this cover, I honestly drooled. I bolted to sign up for this reveal. I’m so pumped to share participate! This cover reminds me of some great women I admire. It just makes me want to grab a few outfits and escape. What a gorgeous choice! Over the Ocean is a New Adult novel that’s coming March 24th! So watch for it!!!

Before we show off the cover beauty, here’s the blurb.

When Bree meets Logan, and hears his oh-so-sexy British accent, it’s lust at first sight.
Bree thinks Logan feels the same way, especially when they’re snuggled up on her couch with his tongue down her throat. But when Logan decides that getting into a relationship when he only has a few months left in the States is a bad idea, Bree agrees to be “just friends.”
But every time he flashes his swoon-worthy smile, complete with dimples, Bree has a hard time keeping her thoughts in the “friend zone.”

And here’s the cover!!!




It’s gorgeous, right?  Here’s a little teaser Georgia St. Mane sent along as well. What a giver!

OTO elevator snippet

About the author: Georgia St. Mane is married with four kids. She’s passionate about writing, reading, and theater. She thinks everyone deserves their own love story. (I totally agree!) Georgia also writes YA as Rachel Schieffelbein.

Want to add this beautiful novel to your Goodreads To Be Read Pile? Here’s the link!:

Double Cover Reveal for Cassie Mae’s How To novels!

Cassie Mae, a totally fun author, is having a double cover reveal today! She writes both young adult and new adult novels. I love her “How To” series. She writes young adult romance in sincerity but with great humor. Totally addicting! The first book, How To Date a Nerd, was so addicting that upon returning home after a crazy shift in the neonatal intensive care unit, rather than go to bed at midnight, I stayed up til 3am lost in her characters and story. I can’t wait to read the next two!

How to Seduce a Band Geek (How To #2) by Cassie Mae


Release Date: 05/06/14

Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:

Sierra Livingston’s got it bad for her sister’s best friend, Levi Mason—the boy who carries his drumsticks in his pocket, marches with the school’s band, and taps his feet to whatever beat runs through his head. Sierra racks her brain for ways to impress the sexy drummer, but the short skirts and bursting cleavage don’t seem to cut it.

When Sierra gets paired with Levi’s sister, Brea, for a mentorship program, they strike a deal. In exchange for Sierra keeping her mouth shut about Brea ditching the program, Brea lets Sierra dig for more info on Levi to help get the guy of her dreams.

But when Sierra discovers Levi no longer plays the drums, his family has moved into a trailer, and he’s traded in his Range Rover for a baby blue moped, Sierra’s not sure if she can go through with violating his privacy. She’ll have to find the courage to ask him straight out—if he’s willing to let her in—and explore other ways to seduce the school’s band geek.


How to Hook a Bookworm (How To #3) by Cassie Mae


Release Date: TBD

Swoon Romance

Summary from Goodreads:

It’s Brea Mason’s sixteenth birthday, and she has three wishes. 1. Be magically eighteen like the rest of her friends. 2. Grow a money tree for her family whose financial problems are well known about town.  3. Overcome her test anxiety before she flunks out of every class.

But one day later, she’s still sixteen, her family’s money worries abound, and she’s no closer to passing than she was the day before!


Then a very sexy transfer student—with gobs of cash—shows up. Brea figures she has a better chance of burping up glitter than attracting the new guy, but he seems extremely interested in her.

Just when Brea thinks things are looking up, her report card arrives marked with four giant F’s. Enter resident bookworm and Brea’s loyal friend, Adam Silver. If he can’t help Brea pass, no one can.

Even with Adam’s help, Brea can’t handle the mounting pressure, and finds an escape with the new student who knows little about her problems. 


But spending oodles of time with her boyfriend strains the friendship with Adam she relies so heavily on. Faced with losing the only real comfort and support she has ever had, Brea starts to wonder if she can hook a bookworm before it’s too late.


Links to book one:how to date a nerd


About the Author

cassie mae

Amazon multi-category and international bestselling author of HOW TO DATE A NERD, HOW TO SEDUCE A BAND GEEK and HOW TO HOOK A BOOKWORM


Cassie Mae is a nerd to the core from Utah, who likes to write about other nerds who find love. Her angel children and perfect husband fan her and feed her grapes while she clacks away on the keyboard. Then she wakes up from that dream world and manages to get a few words on the computer while the house explodes around her. When she’s not writing, she’s spending time with the youth in her community as a volleyball and basketball coach, or searching the house desperately for chocolate.


Cassie Mae is an bestselling author of the teen contemporary romance novel REASONS I FELL FOR THE FUNNY FAT FRIEND, which she self-published. In addition to publishing with Swoon Romance, she is published by Random House Flirt.
Author Links:

Cover Reveal Organized by:

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Perfectly Messy Cover Reveal!!!

It’s here! Perfectly Messy’s cover reveal day has arrived!!! *Does cute jig* (Okay, it’s not really cute. But whatever.)


It’s HERE!

First, I am proud to share what Perfectly Messy is all about. Perfectly Messy is the sequel to Effortless With You.

Here’s the novel’s official blurb:

Popularity isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Justin Marshall knows this better than most. For the captain of the basketball team, small business owner, and son of Minnesota’s next governor, life can get pretty overwhelming. But Justin can handle anything as long as he has Lucy, the girl who fell for the man he’s trying to be.
But for Justin and Lucy, finding time together proves challenging. Stolen kisses and whispered promises just aren’t enough. That is, until scandalous photos of the couple are leaked to a press intent on creating a juicy scandal during Justin’s dad’s gubernatorial campaign. And when Lucy becomes fair play for the tabloids and gossip pages, Justin does the only thing he can to protect her: he breaks her heart.
For Lucy, junior year is everything she hoped it would be: new friends, second chances, and a boyfriend she can’t stop kissing. That is, until the boy she’s pretty sure she loves chooses the life his family wants for him, over her.
Now it’s up to Lucy to teach him what it really means to have everything. Because for Justin, being who everyone needs him to be just might cost him the one person he can’t live without.

And here’s the cover folks!!! I love it!!!! (Yes, I’m a writer who over uses exclamation marks when necessary. THIS is necessary!)

LCharles_M9B_PerfectlyMessy_eCover_1800x2700 (1)


Want to add it on goodreads? Click here!

Want to check out Effortless With You? Feel free to read reviews on GoodReads here and Amazon.

If you aren’t an ebook type person, Effortless With You is available via print on Amazon. Perfectly Messy will also be available in print on Amazon once it’s released.

I can’t wait to share it with you guys. It’s special and the last scene in the book. Oh my gosh. It just makes me melt!!!

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